As the leading manufacturers and exporters, we are well known for delivering high quality products not only in India but worldwide. We specializes in manufacturing of All geared Pillar type heavy duty drilling machine, tapping drill machine, radial drilling machine, SPM drill machine, and Milling cum Drilling Machine. Today, we are exporting our quality products globally. Our experienced engineers help us to achieve maximum level of precision and accuracy during production and development. We also offer customized solutions in various specification tailored to individual client’s needs and budget.

Our specialty lies in manufacturing customized tools and parts with exclusive attention being given to the quality and texture.

We do not compromise on our quality and still we conform to deliver within time. So much is the demand in our field for strong and accurate dimensions and quality that we had long ago decided to have a qualified team of experts who would ensure that only the best from our factories hit the market. Our radial drilling machine can be done as per any special requirement from our client’s end.